Visit us at the APTA Education Leadership Conference!

Visit us at the APTA Education Leadership Conference!
Columbus, Ohio
October 13-15

Come learn more about APDM’s Mobility Lab and Moveo Explorer at the American Physical Therapy Association’s Education Leadership Conference in Columbus. Mobility Lab is a full-body gait and balance analysis system that provides sensitive, valid, and reliable outcome measures for recording natural movements in adult and pediatric populations. Validated for both normal and pathological gaits, Mobility Lab is trusted by over 600 universities and hospitals worldwide. Moveo Explorer, APDM’s newest system, builds upon Mobility Lab to provide full-body kinematics with outcome measures for joint angles.

The Education Section of the APTA is committed to meeting the needs of all persons concerned with the progress, growth and development of education in physical therapy. Section members recognize that education in physical therapy is a multi-faceted process including didactic and clinical components which are implemented in a variety of learning environments.

Both Mobility Lab and Moveo Explorer make it easy to collect, analyze, and store data so you can personalize your patient’s treatment plan and track their progress over time. Attach APDM’s Opal wearable sensors to your subject, and instruct them to perform a standardized test. A gait and balance analysis report (with joint angle data for Moveo Explorer users) is then automatically generated…in less than five minutes! Our solutions make it easy for you to be accountable to your patients.

APDM’s Stephanie Hertzog will be providing demonstrations of the standard Mobility Lab and the new Moveo Explorer, assessed and validated for use in joint angle analysis.



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