a research-grade wearable sensor built for ultimate control

High sampling rate

Robust Software Development kit

Access raw kinematic data

Sync with other systems

8-50 hours battery life

Up to 24 Opals on one network

Stream or log data

Gyroscope + accelerometer


The Opal is the foundational technology in all of our solutions.


While you can customize a system of any size, we have some standard solutions to choose from:

Motion Studio: This is our free data acquisition software, perfect for those who want to develop their own protocols and algorithms. Keep scrolling to learn more about this solution.

Mobility Lab: This is for those who want to measure spatial/temporal gait and balance. By far our most popular system, find out more in the Gait & Balance tab above.

Moveo Explorer: Our newest product, it is for those who want to measure full body kinematics in unconstrained environments. Interested in automated joint angle analysis? Learn more in the Kinematics tab above.

Wireless synchronization

Up to 24 Opals in one wireless network with precise time synchronization.

Record natural movement

Small, silent, and wireless means the subject will wear it and forget it – recording natural movement all day long.

Real-time Results

Continuously stream data for real-time processing with a latency less than 30ms, perfectly tuned for biofeedback applications.

Never Lose Data

Over 30 days of kinematic data can be stored on each Opal.

Long battery life

16 hours of battery life while logging data and more than 8 hours while streaming data, Opals beat the competition by 4x.

Use Anywhere

Break out of the lab and record movement on the field of play, at home, or anywhere.


Opal Wearable Sensors have been featured in numerous professional publications.


Access Point

The Access Point is the wireless communication hub between the host computer and Opal wearable sensors.

Docking Station

The docking station is used to configure, charge, and download any logged data from our wearable sensors.

Sensor Straps

We offer multiple elastic straps that adjust to fit every body size.


Motion Studio

Motion Studio is the default software suite bundled with any purchase. It also provides advanced configuration, recording, real-time visualization, calibration, and data management features.

Mobility Lab

Mobility Lab is a portable gait and balance system that provides sensitive, valid, and reliable outcome measures.


Master Synchronization

In a master wireless synchronization scheme, up to 24 Opals in a wireless network transmits kinematic data wirelessly to one or more access point. One of the access points, which is identified during configuration, becomes the master timing source for the entire network. The access point synchronization signal is used to precisely time the transmission of a synchronization data packet. This data packet is transmitted at the exact same time by all access points and is received by all Opals in the wireless network.

Mesh Synchronization

In the mesh synchronization scheme, there is no master time source. Instead, each device in the network sends a synchronization packet during its prescribed time slot, enabling each device to compare its clock against the clock of each of the other Opals in the wireless network. This comparison allows each Opal in the mesh to create a statistical model of the network time-a distributed statistical clock model-and of its own clock relative to the network time.

Third-Party Synchronization

You can easily synchronize your Opal inertial measurement units with third-party systems, such as optical motion capture systems, EMG, or gait mats. Access Points come fitted with a 6 pin digital I/O connector and a 4 pin analog I/O connector.