Come visit us at the Symposium on Gait & Balance in Multiple Sclerosis!

Visit us at the 7th International Symposium on Gait & Balance in Multiple Sclerosis!
Portland, Oregon
September 9th, 2017

The OHSU Brain Institute is one of the top recipients of NIH funding and is well known for their achievements in neuroscience research. Learning more about how the brain functions and how genes and the environment influence the brain is their top priority. This conference focuses on how neuroplasticity influences and underlies rehabilitation in MS. The conference will include case studies and videos demonstrating the application of neuroplasticity to the rehabilitation of gait and balance in patients with MS.

Come check out APDM’s gait and balance analysis system, Mobility Lab, at the Symposium on Gait & Balance in MS in Portland. Used by hundreds of universities and hospitals worldwide, Mobility Lab provides sensitive, valid and reliable outcome measures. Mobility Lab makes it easy to collect, analyze, and store data. Attach APDM’s Opal wearable sensors to your subject, and instruct them to perform a standardized test. A report is then automatically generated to compare against normative values…in less than five minutes!

APDM’s Kristen Sowalsky will have Mobility Lab onsite and available for demonstration. She looks forward to answering questions regarding how our technology can support your work for both clinical and research applications.


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