APDM Works with Team USA

USA Diving lives by the motto “Guts. Grace. Glory.” – which is exactly the mindset APDM had when exploring solutions for the divers and gymnasts representing Team USA in the Rio Olympics.

Originally, APDM grew out of the need for unobtrusive monitoring of those with Parkinson’s disease. Over the years, that need has grown stronger, and the applications for APDM technology have branched out. With the recent popularization of sports science and wearable technology, it was only natural that the next step was in high-performance sports.

APDM began its relationship with Team USA back in 2010, when the team wanted to explore solutions for analyzing athlete movement for Diving and Gymnastics. Though at first it seemed too daunting, the APDM team worked with coaches and professionals within the organizations to develop analysis systems using existing Opal technology. As VP Engineering Lars Holmstrom says, “At this level of sport, gains don’t come easy.” In this two-way educational process, actionable solutions are achieved through countless hours of collaboration and fine-tuning.

Whether simply monitoring athlete movement, to monitoring fatigue and prevention of injury, the application of APDM technology seems boundless. Seeking a deeper insight into an athlete’s performance can provide the minute corrections that make the difference between Silver and Gold. Team USA has already medaled in both Diving and Gymnastics, and APDM is honored to be a supporter in these incredible achievements.

See GM Matt Johnson and VP Lars Holmstrom talk about APDM’s work with Team USA below:



APDM’s involvement with Team USA has been highlighted in a recent CNBC story, and continues to gain popularity as the Rio games carry on. APDM is anticipating an exciting olympic games, and hopes to work with additional members of Team USA in the future.


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